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  • The Eagle Will Rise Again4:03
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Unique Transformers for the 21st Century

The plepa process

    As with any energy work, the positive spirit must first be present when starting the process.  At PLEPA, our goal is to create the most positive environment for our products.  The intent for Orgone Transformers is to heal negative energy and amplify positive energy.  In order to successfully transform the energy, the Orgone Transformers must be built with only natural raw materials, layered properly in respect to organic and inorganic "stacks" and energized by the intention of the manufacturer.  Energizing can consist of simply providing positive thoughts throughout the process.

What Is PLEPA?
   PLEPA is an acronym for Past Life Egyptian Pyramid Architect.  In a profound and inspiring matter, the founder of PLEPA had a revelation with the help of his guides to reveal this past life experience.  This event inspired him to create Pyramids made with specific energy properties to give to family and friends.  The Pyramids were so well received that  these wonderful products were developed with the intent to help spread the word of the benefits of Orgone energy. 

~   Namaste   ~  



Glass pyramid used for lunar cycle charging process

    The PLEPA process provides positive thoughts with some unique modalities that the founder experienced along the journey in his spiritual development.  The first modality is  organic crystals and stones from around the globe.  We select these crystals based on the properties associated to the crystals/stones which best enhance a specific area in our environment.  Areas are discussed in detail on the Crystal Properties page.  When used in the Orgone Transformers, these crystals/stones will create additional energy transformations specific to their inherent properties.  All of our crystals/stones are cleansed and charged by placing them in a glass pyramid for a complete lunar cycle including an evening under the full Moon.  Energizing the crystals/stones with the power of the pyramid and the Moon insure their vibration is at peak amplitude. 

    Another modality incorporated in our products is the infusion of positive Reiki energy  (etheric, life force energy) by a Certified Reiki Master.  Once the Orgone Transformer is formed in the extensive manufacturing process (cleansing, energizing, stacking, curing), each item is given a Reiki treatment by the founder and/or his students to further energize the Orgone Transformer's etheric properties. 

   Reiki is the practice of channeling the universal life force energy (Rei meaning boundless and Ki meaning life force energy) from the hands of one practitioner to the recipient.  Since all matter contains atoms vibrating at their specific energy level, all matter, including inorganic, can benefit from the etheric energy of Reiki.