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  • One More River4:16
  • Can't Take It with You5:02
  • The Eagle Will Rise Again4:03
  • In the Lap of the Gods5:29

   Dr. Reich led other scientists in these discoveries which have silently kept the Orgone experiments alive while spreading the word of Orgone in a grassroots effort.  Energy healers have developed Orgone generators that can heal damaged cells and Orgone Tower/Cloud Busters that transform the negative DOR energy into positive OR energy. 

It is really important that we all take part in re-energizing our environment and gifting Orgone Transformers is the best way to start.  Please join the Etheric Warriors in the energizing of our planet and our minds.

   Orgone energy has evolved into additional technologies that electrically energize the air with electrons infused with the positive energy.  This technology is being used to heal many diseases and inflictions, but it is under investigation and under scrutiny as with any new technology that does not conform to modern science.  With further understanding and communication, we can all  enjoy the benefits of Orgone Transformers and these new technologies for the planet and all of mankind.

   For more information on Orgone energy and Dr. Reich, please visit the websites on this page.  There are many sources of information available on the internet.  When researching new and interesting subjects, always keep an open mind along with enough logic to solidify your conclusions.

   Dr. Reich passed away while incarcerated in 1957 after serving only seven months of his two year sentence.  Suspicion lurks as to the cause of his death.  Like other energy minded scientists of the industrial revolution  (Nikola Tesla comes to mind), Dr. Reich was ahead of his time and aware of energy that is more powerful than we can fully understand.

   Pioneers in the grassroots efforts, who we all thank for their great inspiration, are Don and Carol Croft.  The Croft family have taught us how to create and use the Orgone energy to heal the entire planet.  By 'gifting' the Orgone Transformers to the environment, we can all make an impact on the destructive energy that is being produced around us.  Visit their website to join the gifting community at www.ethericwarriors.com .

origins of orgone

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non-existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange."

- Dr. Wilhelm Reich

The Discovery and Development of Orgone Energy

   Etheric energy is known throughout the ages in many forms.  The Hindu religion call the energy Prana, Indonesian islanders call it Mana, the Chinese culture refer to it as Chi while the Japanese culture call this life force energy Ki.  In Christian religion it is referred to as the Light or Holy Spirit, Islamic cultures acknowledge Baraka, Hebrew cultures refer to Ruach and ancient Egyptian religion referred to Sekhem as the life force energy or etheric energy.  Native cultures all over the world have a specific name for the life force energy as well.  The only community on the planet that has not recognized this energy is the scientific community. Unusual in some opinions, for the most intelligent minds in our society are the most ignorant.

   In the mid-1930's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered the evidence of etheric energy by using modified instruments such as a Geiger counter and thermometer/electroscope.  This discovery led to further experiments including the use of various materials to capture this energy.  These experiments yielded results in collecting the energy in layers of organic (wool) and inorganic (metal) materials.  The energy was labeled 'Orgone' by Dr. Reich and he concluded that the energy could be positive energy 'OR'  or negative energy 'DOR'.  DOR energy is positive energy that has lost it's charge and became dormant or dead, hence the "D" in the DOR label.  Eventually, Dr. Reich was able to successfully build Orgone accumulators to help remove the negative energy in our bodies and transform the energy into positive energy.  His inventions and discoveries with Orgone were highly successful in healing people, energizing water and food supplies, and even modifying meteorology!

   The professional community did not recognize Dr. Reich's discoveries and basically made every effort possible to stifle and discredit the discovery of Orgone.  Dr. Reich was a renowned scientist with integrity and had once studied as a protégé and later assistant to Dr. Sigmund Freud during his doctoral studies at the University of Vienna.  Unfortunately, the discovery of etheric energy was disruptive to the political agenda of the professional community and the scientific community receives their funding from the professional community.  Disruptive enough to the extent that the FDA finally suppressed all of Dr. Reich's experiments by successfully incarcerating Dr. Reich for contempt charges in a case defending his discoveries.


Patient using "Orgone Accumulator" box

Dr. Reich with the first Cloud Buster

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