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Ways to Use Orgone Transformers

  • Gifting
  • Place, Bury or Sink Orgone Transformers into the Environment
  1. WATER - Best to research your local community for water supplies such as lakes, rivers and water towers.  Sink TB's in waterways or place under water towers to regenerate the energy in the water.  Water molecules need positive energy to combat the pollutants and the use of Orgone Transformers will promote positive energy while providing a calming effect by removing the negative energy.  Oceans need our Transformers as well with all the dumping and testing taking place.  Our coastal friends and visitors need to remember to infuse the energy of our oceans with Orgone Transformers by simply sinking the TB's along the coast or dropping off at sea while on a boating trip.
  2. AIR - While driving in your neighborhood, look for unusual looking towers that may have appeared recently (some may resemble trees).  Also, look for standard cell towers, power sub-stations  and transforming power lines.  These cell towers and power transmissions are emitting high levels of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI - aka Electro-Magnetic Frequencies [EMF]).  Place or bury TB's under or near these towers to equalize the air from this harmful radiation.
  3. EARTH - Placing Orgone Transformers in your yard and garden will generate growth and blossoms with the positive energy burst and negative energy transformation. Gardens and vegetation flourish as unwanted pests move on and seeds germinate quicker.  Wildlife will be attracted to the energy, so protect your vegetable and fruit bearing plants.

Orgone In The Garden

  • Cleanse and Charge
  • Placing Orgone Transformers in Your Environment
  1. WORK - The Orgone transformer can cleanse the work space or office  by attracting the negative energy (DOR) in the air and transforming that energy into positive energy (OR).  The Desk Caddie makes a great addition to any work space since the device transforms the energy and the Caddie function can store paper clips or other small office items.  Orgone Transformers can improve the general mood of an office or work space with the positive energy infused into the environment.
  2. HOME - Use Orgone Transformers to cleanse your home of EMF radiated from your electronic equipment by placing the Transformer on or near your equipment.  Once the Transformer attracts the negative EMF energy, it will transform that energy into life force energy which will charge your environment with positive energy.  Another use in the home is to place a Transformer under any faucet or water pipe.  Water molecules are bombarded by negative energy in the rigid lines of transmission used to deliver the water.  Orgone Transformers remove the negativity so that the water flows effortlessly, even at the molecular level.
  3. VEHICLE - Grounding your vehicle is a recommended practice to create a bubble of protection while travelling.  Orgone Transformer TB's work great to ground your vehicle (see Product Catalog  for details) by placing under your seat, in the glove box or any other convenient spot within your vehicle. Placing a Spiral Vortex under the seat will energize your vehicle and occupants with positive life force energy while grounding the vehicle when using the proper crystal or stone in the Vortex crown.

Gifting II
Give Orgone TransformersTo Family and Friends

The decorative Orgone Transformers make great gifts to the loved ones in our lives.  Enjoy the properties with those who matter most.  Spiritual activities such as prayer and meditation are enhanced when a Transformer is present. Surrounding your meditation area with Orgone Transformers will infuse your area with positive etheric energy (surrounding the area in the four cardinal points will greatly enhance your meditations).


Cell Tower

Disguised Cell Tower

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  • In the Lap of the Gods5:29

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