Attributes - Amethyst carries a very high vibration which makes it a very powerful, multi-purpose crystal.  Amethyst will enhance higher states of consciousness, meditation sessions and spiritual awareness.  Amethyst transforms and blocks negative energy; helps overcome addictions and blockages; calms and stimulates the mind during meditation.  Facilitates decision making process by bringing common sense and spiritual insights into perspective.  Great for insomnia and protection from reoccurring nightmares.  Opens intuition and enhances psychic gifts.

Healing Properties -   Amethyst can boost your hormones and tune your endocrine system and metabolism.  Amethyst relieves pain and stress on the physical, mental and emotional levels.  Also, it can cleanse the organs, immune system and blood.  Amethyst can help with the transition through death.  At a subtle level, Amethyst can balance and connect the physical, mental and emotional bodies to the spiritual body.  Amethyst should not be used for paranoia or schizophrenia.  Amethyst connects at the highest vibrations to the crown and throat chakras.


Attributes - Very useful to protect against environmental pollution (electronic gadgets) by diffusing the negative energy.  Aventurine will protect the heart chakra and calm anger and/or irritation.  Stimulates perception and enhances creativity.

Healing Properties - Aventurine will benefit the Thymus gland, connective tissue and the nervous system.  It will balance blood pressure and stimulate the metabolism.  Aventurine can relieve migraines, sooth the eyes, heal adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart and muscular systems.  Blue Aventurine will also heal on the mental level while Green Aventurine can heal, comfort and protect the heart.


Attributes - Very grounding and anchoring to the present reality. Restores vitality and motivation as it is a stabilizing stone with high energy. Carnelian cleanses other stones.  Useful in overcoming abuse of any kind.  Removes fear of death.  Improves analytical abilities, sharpens concentration,  and clarifies perception.  Calms anger and emotional negativity.

Healing Properties - Stimulates metabolism, improves memory and the absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Overcome frigidity and impotence.    Heals lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression.  Influences female reproductive organs and increases fertility.


Attributes - Powerful cleanser and regenerator.  Power derived from the sun.  Citrine never needs cleansing while it absorbs, transforms, dissipates and grounds negative energy.  Protective to the environment.  Raises self confidence, removes destructive tendencies and enhances concentration to overcome depression, fears and phobias.

Healing Properties - Energizes and recharges bodies and crystals.  Beneficial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Reverses degenerative disease. Stimulates digestion, spleen and pancreas. Negates infections in the kidney and bladder.  Activates the Thymus and balances the Thyroid. Helps with eye problems, increasing circulation and detoxifies the blood.

Chrome Diopside

Attributes - Strong empowering stone for the well being of the planet.  Promotes a heart based connection to the planet and communication with all life forces. The energy of the Chrome (green) Diopside stone creates an immense sense of connection with the earth via the heart chakra.  Energizes and activates the heart chakra, sacral chakra and third eye chakra.

Healing Properties - Emotional healer of the heart.  Known to assist muscular spasms and aches especially in athletics such as running.  Balances hormones and aides weak lungs.  May assist heart problems as it resonates strongly at  the heart chakra.  Aides in concentration when studying and promotes reception to ideas and information on a spiritual level.

Coral (Red)

Attributes - Known as the "Garden of the Sea", Red Coral is the skeletal mass accumulated from the living polyps.  It is believed to prevent ill fortune and protection against skin disease.  Dreams about coral foretell of recovery from a long illness.  Aides in meditation and visualization.  Quiets emotions and brings peace within oneself.

Healing Properties - Coral symbolizes life force energy and blood force energy.  Heats, nourishes and stimulates the bloodstream. Absorbs negative energy.  Protects from depression and despondency.  Treats disorders in the kidneys, bladder and parathyroid.


Attributes - A highly protective stone especially on the psychic level. It can cleanse the aura and mitigates electromagnetic energy.  Fluorite attracts negative energies, then cleanses  and purifies.  Most affective stone for healing elixirs.  Fluorite increases self confidence and dexterity.  On a psychological level, it can remove fixed patterns of behavior and opens the door to the subconscious which can bring suppressed feelings to the surface for resolution.

Healing Properties - Effective for teeth, bones and repairing damaged DNA.  Removes infections and disorders.  Great as an elixir for viruses, colds, flus and sinuses.  Heals ulcers and wounds.  Provides pain relief even on nerve related pain and known to help with PTSD.  Fluorite can ignite sexual libido.


Attributes - Goldstone is a man-made stone comprised of flecks of copper and it is associated to benefit the sacral chakra.  Commonly referred to as the "Stone of Ambition" as this stone aides in attaining one's goals.  Helps to remain calm even under pressure, deflates unwanted negative energy and revitalizes one's positive energy.  Amplifies long distance healing.

Healing Properties - Amplifies long distance healing work.  Promotes vitality.  Reduces stomach tension and benefits arthritis conditions.  Helpful to bones, painful joints and the circulation system.


Attributes - Known as the "supreme nurturer", Jasper supports during times of stress and brings tranquility - wholeness.  Aligns and cleanses chakras specific to the color of specimen (Red, Brown, Yellow, Green, Blue & Purple).  Provides protection and grounding. Balances yin and yang. 

Healing Properties - Supports sexual organs, circulatory system and digestive system.  Balances mineral content in the body when used as a gem elixir.  Additionally, Red and Brecciated Jasper have stimulating qualities such as grounding energy, awareness to coming problems and insight into difficult situations.  Makes a great "worry stone" to carry and remove unwanted stress. Stone of health for the base chakra (root chakra).

Lapis Lazuli

Attributes - Associated to the fifth and sixth chakras (throat and third eye, respectively), Lapis Lazuli opens the "third eye"  and balances the throat chakra.  Stimulates enlightenment and enhances dream work.  Encourages self awareness and uncompromised self-expression.  Brings clarity and objectivity to the mind.  Aides in expression and listening.

Healing Properties - Useful against migraine pain.  Benefits respiratory system , nervous system, throat, larynx and thyroid.  Cleanses organs, bone marrow, thymus and immune system.  Lowers blood pressure and alleviates insomnia and vertigo.


Attributes - Brings deep peace to meditation and relaxation.  Opens heart chakra stimulating heartfelt love, unconditional love and love for one-self.  Brings the two hemispheres of the brain into harmony stimulating ideas and the applications of such ideas.  Calming effect on emotions which supports nervousness and fearfulness. 

Healing Properties - High level of magnesium and aides in the absorption of magnesium in the body.  Detoxifies the body of odor.  Can be used as a muscle relaxant, treats menstrual, stomach, intestinal and vascular cramps.  Relieves pain from Gallbladder or Kidney stones.  Balances body temperature lessening fever and chills.  Speeds up metabolism and disperses cholesterol.


Attributes -  The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet due to it's unique helical spiral crystalline form.  Quartz is the "Master Healer" and can be used for any condition.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy including energy blockages.  Tunes to the vibrational level of the person needing healing or working with meditation.  Quartz raises all energy to the highest possible level in every color of the spectrum, at all levels of consciousness and throughout all dimensions.

Healing Properties - Quartz can be used to heal any condition.  Stimulates immune system and brings body into balance.  Harmonizes all chakras and aligns bio magnetic fields. Soothes burns. 

Rose Quartz energizes the pineal gland and heart chakra; connects heart to unconditional love/universal love. 

Crackle Quartz is a man-made quartz manufactured by heating and cooling quartz with different colored dyes.  Crackle Quartz have the same properties as non-manufactured quartz and they can be programmed to the specific energies associated to the specific color during the manufacturing process or cleansing/charging process.


Single Terminated, Quartz points direct energy into the recipient when pointed toward the recipient and extracts energy out of recipient when pointed away from recipient.  In an Orgonite energy transformer, the points are outward in the four cardinal directions which broadcasts the positive energy transformations into the environment in all directions.

Double Terminated, Quartz points radiate or absorbs energy at both ends simultaneously.  A stone of balance as it integrates spirit and matter bridging two energy points.  When used in an Orgonite pyramid, it collects energy from the etheric field of the sky and the etheric energy of the earth  which both grounds the device and energizes the device depending on the necessity based on the etheric field in your environment.

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