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Unique Transformers for the 21st Century

Product numbers


At PLEPA, we cleanse and charge all crystals in a glass pyramid for a complete lunar cycle.  Once the crystals are formed into an Orgone TB, the entire TB (including crystals) is programmed with Healing and Grounding energy by a Reiki Master.

copper Heart Tb  with RED CORAL

decorative tb's - Copper heart model Product page

Product Numbers:  CH_R_C = Red, CH_O_C = Orange, CH_Y_C = Yellow, CH_G_C = Green, CH_B_C = Blue, CH_P_C  =  Purple

available colors

Available Crystals and Stones

A=Amethyst (Purple/White)
C=Carnelian (Yellow/Orange)
CD=Chrome Diopside (Green)
LL=Lapis Lazuli (Blue)
RC=Red Coral (Red)

Product Numbers:  CH_R_LL = Red, CH_O_LL = Orange, CH_Y_LL = Yellow, CH_G_LL = Green, CH_B_LL = Blue, CH_P_LL  =  Purple

copper Heart Tb  with carnelian

Product Numbers:  CH_R_CD = Red, CH_O_CD = Orange, CH_Y_CD = Yellow, CH_G_CD = Green, CH_B_CD = Blue, CH_P_CD  =  Purple

All Tower Busters have product numbers that start with the decorative type of TB (CH, CS, etc.), then the color (B) and then the crystal or stone (LL). 


CH_B_LL represents Copper  Heart in Blue with Lapis Lazuli crystal.

crystal/stone properties

copper Heart Tb  with 



$15.00 ea.

Eighteen copper coated, steel balls outline the heart shape, metal shavings are twice layered along with a single terminated Clear/Milky Quartz crystal positioned on the bottom. A single crystal/stone is chosen for the top "window".  Red Coral is pictured with Amethyst, Carnelian, Chrome Diopsdide and Lapis Lazuli as additional choices for the center piece crystal/stone. See page on Crystal Properties for details.

Six colors available including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Product Numbers:  CH_R_A = Red, CH_O_A = Orange, CH_Y_A = Yellow,

                                 CH_G_A = Green, CH_B_A = Blue, CH_P_A = Purple

Single Transparent/Opaque Color
 Green-Blue or

Select R, O, Y, G, B or P

in the product number

copper Heart Tb  with AMETHYST (NOT PICTURED)

copper Heart Tb  with CHROME DIOPSIDE    (NOT PICTURED)

Product Numbers:  CH_R_RC = Red, CH_O_RC = Orange, CH_Y_RC = Yellow, CH_G_RC = Green, CH_B_RC = Blue, CH_P_RC  =   Purple

Each crystal/stone have unique properties.  Our list represents properties specific to healing, grounding and other aspects of our lives.  See Crystal Properties for more information and visit the links below for detailed properties and specifications to any gem or stone.