Background Info on PLEPA

I started PLEPA to further spread the word on the uses of Orgone energy while enhancing my own environment in the process. 

My professional background is in the electronics industry as an engineer, analyst, supervisor and technician.  At one stage in my career, I managed the production of oscillators and filters which were designed with Yttrium Iron Garnet crystals (YIG crystals).  These crystals when influenced by a DC magnetic field will resonate at perfect frequencies for modern electronic communications.  This is only one example of the many uses of crystals in our modern electronics world.  Being a Geek at heart, I recognize the usefulness of these modern electronics while still understanding the harmful effects of these conveniences.  Using Orgone energy is the easiest way to combat the harmful effects.

My meta-physical background started at an early age being inquisitive enough to ask questions of my faith and searching for the answers in other cultures or modalities.  My search started at the age of six and continued until my early twenties when at that point I concluded that all faiths and cultures contribute to our belief systems; the facts are evident that these faiths and cultures are all interconnected; and that they all comprise the same message (the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, the trinity connection, etc.)  Once this conclusion was made in my mind, I no longer actively pursued researching meta-physics and continued in a material world gaining prosperity and relationships. 

In December of 2012, I experienced paranormal activity that was aggressive in nature.  Thankfully, I was prepared for such an event with my earlier studies and the knowledge of my Higher Power, Arch Angels and Spirit Guides all being available to help.  I called upon them for help and the aggressive behavior immediately ceased.  This event inspired me to be more prepared and to prevent another occurrence.  I learned how to properly cleanse my surroundings with sage and meditate to communicate with my guides.  Also, I learned of the uses for Orgone Transformers and the healing properties of Reiki.

Since my experience has been overwhelmingly fulfilling, I am hoping to expand the minds of others with the reality of etheric energy through the use of Orgone Transformers in the environment.  Join the new age of information by researching these meta-physical subjects as it will awaken your mind. It has been an incredible awakening for me personally and I am sure it will be for all those who welcome the positive energy.


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Unique Transformers for the 21st Century

  • Voyager2:14
  • What Goes Up...3:56
  • One More River4:16
  • Can't Take It with You5:02
  • The Eagle Will Rise Again4:03
  • In the Lap of the Gods5:29