seven chakra  -  $120 

product number = p_7c_gbp (left image), p_7c_roy (right image)

Single amethyst Crystal  -  $120 

product number = p_s_p, (left image) p_s_roy (right image)

$87.50 ea.

Layered Stack of Colors
 Red-Orange-Yellow (ROY)
 Green-Blue-Purple (GBP)

SingleTransparent/Opaque Color
Purple or Clear

Select R, O, Y, G, B, P or C

in the product number

777 Not Pictured - Image coming soon


6" Model


Unique Transformers for the 21st Century

At PLEPA, we cleanse and charge our crystals in a glass pyramid for a complete lunar cycle.  Once the crystals are formed into an Orgonite Pyramid, the entire Pyramid (including crystals) is programmed with Healing and Grounding energy by a Reiki Master.

$100.00 ea.

DT only

Product numbers

4" Models

Double terminated  -  $130 

product number = p_dt_roy (left image), p_dt_p (right image)

S = Single Amethyst

7C = Seven Chakra

DT = Double Terminated

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Seven tumbled stones and crystals associated to the seven chakras are placed in the crown position of the pyramid.  The seven stones/crystals are as follows:   (1st) Red Coral for the Root Chakra; (2nd) Goldstone for the Sacral Chakra; (3rd) Citrine for the Solar Plexus; (4th) Chrome Diopside for the Heart Chakra; (5th) Crackled Turquoise Quartz for the Throat Chakra; (6th) Lapis Lazuli for the Third Eye Chakra; and (7th) Amethyst for the Crown Chakra.

Four single terminated quartz crystals positioned in the cardinal directions are placed in the middle layers of metal and colored resin. Assorted tumbled crystals and stones amplify the energy  of the Seven Chakra crystals and stones.  See page on Crystal Properties   for more information on the individual stones and crystals.

A double terminated Clear Quartz crystal wrapped three times in copper/aluminum wire is placed in the crown position of this multi-layer pyramid.  The wire is extended downward through the pyramid transmitting the healing energy throughout the entire Orgonite transformer.

Four single terminated quartz crystals positioned in the cardinal directions are pointed toward each face of the pyramid extending healing energy in all directions. Assorted tumbled crystals and stones add multiple energy oscillations creating an environment of total transformation. 

Available pyramid models

Each of our crystals stones have unique properties.  Our list represents properties specific to healing, grounding and other aspects of our lives.  See Crystal Properties for more information and visit the links below for detailed properties and specifications to any gem or stone.

Seven Layer, Seven Chakra, seven crystal (777)

coming soon

coming soon

available pyramid colors

$87.50 ea.

The single Amethyst crystal in the crown position is chosen based on the specific healing metaphysical properties. Amethyst crystals carries the energies of creativity, spirituality, fire and passion, temperance and sobriety to name a few.  In spirituality, the Amethyst crystal is known to enhance meditation while calming the mind and strengthening intuition.  Due to it's inherent high frequency vibrations, the Amethyst crystal can purify negative energy attachments and broadcast a protective shield of light.  The Amethyst crystal is chosen since it has such strong energy and can be utilized for many specific purposes.

Multiple layers of metal and colored resin are stacked for Orgone accumulation.   Four single terminated quartz crystals positioned in the cardinal directions are placed in the pyramid and assorted tumbled crystals and stones add multiple energy oscillations creating an omnipresent alter of energy for the crown jewel positioned at the top of the pyramid.

All Pyramids have product numbers that start with "P" for pyramid, then the model (S, 7C, or DT), followed by the color (G) and then the decorative item we call Pyramid Additions.  Each Pyramid includes one selection from the Pyramid Additions page. It is not necessary to add a decorative item as in Example #1.  In Example #2,  we add decorative items.

Example #1:   

P_S_G represents a Pyramid with a Single Amethyst  in Green.

Example #2:  
Product Number to order in Example #2 is:  P_DT_ROY_B

First Letter represents the Product (P for Pyramid), Second Letter(s) represent the Model (DT for Double Terminated), third letter or set of letters represents the color selection (ROY for Red, Orange, Yellow), and the fourth set of letter(s) represent special decorative items to add to your Pyramid. In Example #2, we have a Double Terminated Pyramid in Red, Orange, Yellow colored layers with a decorative addition in the form of Buddha, order Part Number P_DT_ROY_B, the “underscore B” adds the decorative item to one side, without the _B, the Pyramid will have no decorative additions.  P_DT_ROY_B,A,C,D would add decorative additions to all four sides of the Pyramid in the forms of Buddha, the Ankh, the Crucifix and the Star of David (Note: T-Y is an eye within a triangle colored Yellow, -R, -O, etc. represent the other five available colors). See Pyramid Additions page for complete selection guide. 

orgonite pyramids

  • Voyager2:14
  • What Goes Up...3:56
  • One More River4:16
  • Can't Take It with You5:02
  • The Eagle Will Rise Again4:03
  • In the Lap of the Gods5:29

crystal/stone properties