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Unique Transformers for the 21st Century


the Cloud Buster

  The original cloud buster designed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich was extremely large and powerful.  The entire device was over 12 feet in height and required special handling instructions to safely operate.  This device successfully ended droughts in sever drought stricken areas including Tucson, AZ in the 1950's.

  Since the original design required detailed expertise, Mr. Don Croft developed a new and improved Cloud Buster in the 1990's which incorporates the layered methodologies used for modern day Orgone transformers such as resin as the organic material and metal as the inorganic material.  Layered in precise arrangements to magnify the accumulation, this design proved to be a simple and effective device to eradicate the negative energy for large areas.

  PLEPA replicates this proven and effective design by Mr. Croft while adding some additional crystal energy and a color pattern to coordinate with the seven chakras and enhance this transformer's outdoor appearance.  Here are our  Cloud Buster components:

(6) Six Feet by One Inch Copper Pipes

(6) Double Terminated Clear Quartz Crystals

(4) Single Terminated Clear Quartz Crystals

(12) Citrine Crystals

(6) Brass Tree Leaves

(1) Three Inch Mini-Pyramid

Steel Shavings

Iron Shavings

  • Polyester Resin
  •   The copper pipes are arranged in a circular pattern at 60 degree intervals.  Each copper pipe has a double terminated quartz crystal secured in the bottom of the pipe and capped to accumulate the energy.  Each copper pipe acts as a transceiver to the Orgone energy.  Double terminated crystals work to transform the energy to purely positive energy.  The multiple layers of metal/resin attract and trap the Orgone energy. Amongst the multiple layers, we install a set of four single terminated quartz crystals placed in the four cardinal directions to radiate the positive energy in all directions, a set of twelve citrine crystals placed in the round for the twelve constellations (note that Citrine is a self charging crystal) and a set of six brass tree leaves are placed on the very top layer to add the element of brass and signifying energy for all life forms.  Finally, we add a three inch mini-pyramid on the top of the Cloud Buster to help direct the transformed positive energy and beautify this elegant addition to any yard or garden.
  •   Placing the PLEPA Cloud Buster in your yard will improve your environment in many ways.  Cell towers and power lines in your area will be remediated for a distance of 1.5 miles in all directions.  Plant life in your yard and garden will flourish with the new positive energy (gardens produce better yields).   Wildlife will gravitate to your newly refreshed environment as they recognize the positive energy field created by the Cloud Buster.  And finally, human interactions and energy levels will have a positive environment to flourish. Your energy level will strengthen the development and advancement of your heart, mind and spirit on all your spiritual endeavor's  and journey's. 


Cloud buster $900.00

CRATE $175.00

Product number

 cloud buster

All Cloud Busters are special order only.  Lead time on this Special Order Only product is three to four weeks.  Local customers may pick up their Cloud Buster at our Phoenix location or at one of our retail outlets (see Orders page for details).

Customers outside of Phoenix can order the Cloud Buster along with a custom crate for their delivery.  Crates are manufactured on demand and will insure the arrival of a quality product.

Product Numbers:  CB_SOO Cloud Buster

                             CRATE_SOO Cloud Buster Crate

Delivery service outside of Phoenix can be arranged by FedEx LTL or the carrier of choice on customer's account.  Please send your order request with all contact information to confirm the order with one of our staff.